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 Testing Grounds

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Here is how it all works, first you must understand that RPG is just "ACTING." Which means taking control of one of two genders, Male or Female...now it's time to show you an example of a Basic Role Playing Post.

Jin stood up looking around the room only to notice that his belt was missing from his bed.

This sentence introduces a character in third person. Now you can place yourself into it but it is truly hard to come up with the words needed. Now let's see how an advance Rp'er would have wrote this...

Jin stood slowly up from his bed glancing around his room, only to see that he had misplaced his belt somewhere else.

This sentence show detail and introduction as well as a place as to what the room or where he stood up from. Showing the details gives a player or Posters an mental image of what you are talking about that's what you a aiming for now...give it a try as your first lesson.

Lesson 1 -
Create a Name [Simple one] and introduce them.
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Testing Grounds
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