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 Oblivion Card Grounds ----

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Oblivion Card Grounds ---- Empty
PostSubject: Oblivion Card Grounds ----   Oblivion Card Grounds ---- EmptyWed 30 May 2012 - 7:51

    - Oblivion's - Information -
    ---> Welcome to Castle Oblivion, where you'll be lost to oblivion if you do not know your way around this castle. There is said to be a Nobody that is housed here that is able to break apart memories within a person. As she sits coloring in her book her powers breaks ones connections in the heart. It is wise to be careful once entering this place. There is a total of 13 Floors going up to the rooftop of Castle Oblivion where one will face off against a powerful enemy that keeps the Nobody girl in this world. There is also a total of 13 floors going down to the basement of Castle Oblivion where you'll meet a man named, "DiZ" He'll help you once in awhile only to complete the goals needed to do so.

    Several rules are located within this world, in order for you to continue through this world you must lose something in order to gain something and gain something in order to lose. Once you step foot into this castle all techniques and abilities are gone [Locked]. You will have to relearn them in the form of, "Cards" You start with 10 Cards for your 3 Decks. But the rules of them will be explained down below. Good luck and i hope you'll find what it is you lost.

    ---> The cards are based on four different kinds of cards, [Attack, Magic, Items and Enemy] Attack does the major damages, Magic also helps with dealing damages. Items heal or give you back only certain cards that you have in your deck. Enemy Cards give you powerful or weak abilities that can help in some cases.

    ---> Abilities are called, "Sleight" +
    This allows you to gain certain ones, however they require a tribute of a certain amount of points to use them. These are located under the Kingdom Heart Rules Forum to help you learn and obtain them. To learn a Sleight you must type 125 Words to obtain it. But again you must combine cards to use that Sleight. [This counts towards your training]

    ---> Combine Cards +
    Allows one to add three attacks into one. However you can save them for when you truly needed but be warned once you use them the first card vanishes or out of play area. This allows you to unlock either Sleight or a more powerful row of attacks. But using the Combine card counts towards your [3 Actions] for your Turn. When using this feature you'll lose the first card used in the Combo. As it cannot be reloaded unless item used.

    ---> Battling Cards +
    Each player gains 3 Actions for 1 Turn. When a card is used it goes to the discarded pile which can only return during a Reload Turn. Each card counts as 1 Action.

    ---> Reloading +
    When a player uses up all of their cards they have to focus within their inner-self to reload their deck. This takes up 1 Action but you gain back all the cards that are located within the Discard Pile. Any card within the Out of Play Area cannot be returned unless with the use of a Item or Enemy Card. Some Spell cards can allow this as well.

    ---> Losing +
    Card Duel is not bad as you do not become a Heartless or lose your Heart within this world. Instead you lose more of yourself or memories. When that happens you'll lose some card[s]. Winners determine everything in this castle so to continue defeat anyone and everyone. To continue to or up a level or floor you must have paid a certain amount to move up.

    ---> Moving Up +
    To move up in Castle Oblivion you must pay a certain amount of MoP to move up in the area. Each Floor has a number to find out the number please look below this description. Every even floor has a certain boss that must be faced in battle. Good luck and obtain the cards.

    ---- Starter Deck ----

    X4 Kingdom Keys PR: 0 CP: 20
    x2 Kingdom Keys PR: 4 CP: 28
    x2 Kingdom Keys PR: 5 CP: 30
    x2 Potion PR: 1 CP: 82

    ---> Battling with Cards +
    Your Attack's have now been turned to cards in order to do an attack you must play a card stronger than your opponent's or equal to theirs. Good luck on this part of your adventure.

    0's can break any card but to make them work you must be able to match the action with your opponent. Combos however count as Action 1 no matter what.

    0's do like an instant guard without having the Guard Ability.

    Your Stats play a powerful part in this area.

    HP: Health
    MP: [Does not work here]
    AP: [Does not work here]

    STR: [Damage done for cards]
    MAG: [Determines Magic Card Damage]
    DEF: [Blocks the damage]
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Oblivion Card Grounds ----
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